Dean Kretschmar is an experienced business executive who has a passion for facilitating the success of small and mid-size businesses. He currently serves as President of Soaring Eagle Investments, LLC, leading many of the firm’s acquisition efforts from start to finish. After identifying potential target companies, Kretschmar analyzes opportunities for growth and improvement, creating a comprehensive business plan and outlining operational strategies for long-term success. With a keen eye for business potential in general, Dean Kretschmar leads scouting efforts to recruit top managerial talent and handles communications between his firm and the stakeholders of each acquisition venture.

Before joining Soaring Eagle Investments in 2010, Kretschmar worked in acquisitions, business management, finance, and marketing for a variety of financial firms and small to mid-size businesses. The scope of his experience is broad; he has worked extensively with business owners, employees, brokers, vendors, and investors. Beginning in 2005, he served as the Vice President and Account Director for Beauty Alliance, grooming the company for its eventual acquisition by L’Oreal, a $500 million deal.

Dean Kretschmar holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance and Entrepreneurship with a minor in Marketing from Baylor University, as well as a BA in the Art of Cooking from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. In his free time, Kretschmar enjoys cooking healthy meals, traveling, snowboarding, snow skiing, paddle boarding, and participating in triathlons. An active philanthropist, Kretschmar supports organizations such as the Boys & Girls Club and the Jimmie Johnson Foundation. Dean Kretschmar is also an active sponsor of the women’s US Olympic Ski Team.